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PM5 (Performance Monitor 5)



Current PM5 Firmware versions are:

  • Indoor rowers—Version [firmware:pm5-rower-version]
  • SkiErgs—Version [firmware:pm5-skierg-version]

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  • Takes two D cell batteries
  • Indoor rower or SkiErg supplies power to the monitor during use


  • Features backlit display
  • ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart wireless heart rate monitoring with compatible equipment
  • Compatible with USB flash drive (FAT and FAT32 formats only) for storing workout data and updating firmware

Date of Manufacture Location

To locate the date of manufacture on a PM5:

  • From the Main Menu, go to More Options > Utilities > Product ID and look at the value next to Datecode.

The year of manufacture is represented by the last four numbers of the date code. Any numbers before that indicate the day of the year. For example, 1572014 means the monitor was manufactured on the 157th day of 2014.

Note: This date code, the monitor serial number and hardware version will not change when firmware is updated.