Maintenance | Concept2



Clean saddle, handlebars, step pad and flywheel with a cloth and cleaner after use. Do not use bleach or coarse abrasives.

Every 250 Hours of Use

  • Verify that the crank arms are tight on the crank axle. Tighten the clamp screw if needed using the T27 driver supplied with the BikeErg.
  • Check all screws and fasteners for tightness.
  • Check for dust inside flywheel with a flashlight. Vacuum if needed. Verify calibration after cleaning. On the PM: Main Menu>More Options>Utilities>Calibration

As Needed

Check the fit of the seat post. The seat post should move up and down with only light pressure applied. The seat post can be adjusted using a 1⁄2” wrench. Do not overtighten.