Model A Indoor Rower | Concept2

Model A Indoor Rower

Model A Indoor Rower

Manufacture Dates

No longer in production

Main Characteristics

  • Handle: Wood with black grips
  • Flywheel: Bicycle wheel with black flaps in the spokes
  • Footboards: Wood
  • Other: Speedometer vs electronic monitor

Serial Number Information

All Model A Rowing Ergometers manufactured after October 1, 1982 have a serial number located on the bottom edge of the chain guide mount board:

  • On Nov. 4, 1985, we started using the date of production as the serial number.
  • Between Oct. 1, 1982 and Nov. 4, 1985, we used a four digit numbering system. The first two numbers indicate the year in which the machine was made, and the rest of the serial number identifies the run number. Thus, a serial number of 83–12 identifies the Model A as the twelfth run of 1983.

If your Model A was made before Oct. 1, 1982, it will not have a serial number. Please identify these machines by writing the purchase date whenever the serial number is needed.