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Concept2 Compatible Apps: Try KREW

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Jul 02, 2020

This week, we've been using the app KREW. If you're looking for access to thousands of free pre-programmed workouts, or want to try training programs that will adjust to your skill and fitness levels, then KREW is worth a try. You can use KREW with any Concept2 RowErg, BikeErg or SkiErg equipped with a PM3, PM4 (both require a USB cable to connect) or PM5 (wireless Bluetooth connection).

"If you talk to 100 of our users, 95 of them will say they love the KREW app because it programs the Performance Monitor to the workout they choose on the app," says Nick Sheedy, CEO and Co-Founder of KREW.

We found one of KREW’s most valuable assets might be their private Facebook group, where thousands of members exchange workouts, share workout ideas and post their workout results. You will often find their Chief Technology Officer, Henrik Malmberg, quickly responding to customer questions.

If you're unable to find a workout in the KREW library, the app offers a “custom workout builder” where you can quickly build single time, single distance, and interval workouts. Furthermore, you can set targets for pace or rate (even pace for your personal best times).

If you find value in competing, KREW offers live workouts where you can compete against friends, family or strangers. You connect your heart rate monitor directly to the app with the PM3, PM4 or PM5. KREW also integrates with third party fitness apps like the Concept2 Logbook, Strava, Fitbit and more.

From a recent Facebook group post:

"I have used just about every rowing app available and I always find somethings which causes me to quickly grow tired of them (lack of versatility, usability, no live rowing, etc.). Not KREW. It is loaded. Detailed workout tracking, logbook sync, custom training programs (including variable intervals), live rows against your friends or the community, PM3/4/5—the list goes on. And it's all contained on your Android (and soon iPhone, from what I understand)! The best part of the app isn't the app itself, but the developers. They are extremely responsive and quick to incorporate user feedback. Some of the most useful parts of the app are because users recommended them."
–James Baca

Google Play store Developer's Note: iOS is in development now
Facebook Group

There are many great app and software options to choose from, so find what motivates you best!

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